Studio Fees

Until 30 September 2020 Workin will charge 0% commissions! Only the 7% transaction fee. normally takes a 12% fee per booking (Currently only 7% until 30 September 2020).

This fee is made up of:

  • PayFast transaction fee of 7%**
  • Workin booking commission of 5%

** A Note on PayFast Transaction Fees

The PayFast transaction fee is a bit complicated. The actual fee is 3.5% + R2.30 + VAT. On a R100 booking, this equals 6.325%, while on larger bookings this percentage decreases gradually. To make it more difficult PayFast does not allow decimal splits of percentages when splitting payments between trainers and Workin, this means we have to, unfortunately, round up to 7% otherwise we would make a loss on bookings under R150.

We are working on improving this model so that we can reduce the cost to our trainers.